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Frankfurt Trade Fair - Master Plan 2020, since 2002

The Frankfurt fairground has a unique identity and is characterized as the "downtown trade fair" because of its location. In terms of being visitor friendly, Frankfurt's spacious location in the European road and railway network, proximity to the airport, and being within walking distance from the train station create huge advantages. On the down side, because of these features high standards are expected of the organization and functionality of the premises. The master plan developed by AS&P is due to be completed and implemented by 2020. It outlines fundamental urban planning, functional and transportation frameworks for future planning. The plan also defines gateways with neighbouring city quarters. Herewith, transportation and functional organizations will be able to develop a concept for an internal and external transportation system. Further developmental emphasis is placed on the improvement of visitor concentricity (circulation) through the addition of Via Mobile systems as well as the construction concept for the expansion of the grounds. Additionally, creative revitalization proposals of problematic sectors were created and a step-by-step plan for the successive restructuring of the fairgrounds was developed.

Aerial view of former freight area and switchyard of the central cargo terminal


Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Planning area:

58 ha