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Anting New Town, Shanghai, P.R. China, 2000 - 2004

In 2000, AS&P won an international competition for master planning the Shanghai International Automobile City and the urban design of Anting New Town. The motorcar related program for the 50 sqkm project area comprised uses of production, trade, exhibition, education, management and entertainment, as well as a Formula 1 racetrack and a complete new settlement for 50,000 residents. Major urban design principles and characteristic elements of the German building tradition served as a basis for the varied, sustainable concept. Hence, the urban image is characterized by multifunctional block structures, a mix of uses in the center, public open spaces and pedestrian-friendly streets. Whilst the building blocks are five storys tall along the main roads, the building heights are reduced to four and three storys within the residential blocks and along the fringes. In August 2002 AS&P has been commissioned by SIACRE to design the residential buildings and the city center of Anting West together with four other renowned German practices. The share planned and realized by AS&P includes approx. 1000 dwellings, an exhibition center, an exemplary settlement and a five-star business hotel. The extension Anting East is already planned, since the future demand for apartments exceeds the present supply. The master plan for this extension has also been drafted by AS&P. Anting New Town and Shanghai International Automobile City represent a model for sustainable satellite developments utilizing German environmental technology, quality standards and resource efficiency.

Photo of the realized residential development 2005


Shanghai Urban Planning and Admin. Bureau

Planning area:

600 ha


Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Residential Development