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Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai-Pudong, P.R. China, 2000 - 2001

In China, urban planning and modernization under environmentally relevant guidelines will have a special importance in the approaching decades and will enjoy political priority. In recent years AS&P, in association with Fichtner Engineering, has worked out a strategy for a sustainable, interconnected urban development and infrastructural model, called the Ecological Model Town Concept for China. During the process of negotiations, the opportunity arose to adapt the model - until now unique for its type - for the Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai‘s district of Pudong. In Pudong an environmentally regulated urban development designed for long-term viability is to be introduced covering a planning area of approximately 25 square kilometer. The core idea is the elaboration of a master plan concept, in which all technical functions (i.e., water, sewage, trash disposal, energy, communication) are tied together with transport infrastructure, city planning and construction technology to form an integrated network. This combines the strengths and advantages of the individual systems with one another and utilizes them in an optimal and sustainable fashion. In this way, a new urban district is created that attracts both investors and residents and has model character for an innovative form of environmental protection within an urban development context at the same time.

Urban development concept



Planning area:

2,500 ha


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