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Siah - Local Area Structure Plan (LASP), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2015

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) commissioned AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH (AS&P) to bring in their extensive expertise in urban renewal to elaborate a Local Area Structure Plan (LASP) that provides a concise plan for improvement of a hitherto neglected area of Wadi Hanifah close to the city center of Riyadh. The LASP provides a key instrument to implement a coherent and integrated design approach to the project area not only in terms of urban planning and transportation but also creating a pedestrian environment which supports multi modal journeys made by foot or bicycle. The first step for such structure plans is to establish a base plan clarifying the land ownership of plots within or next to Wadi Hanifah and its Sub Wadi. Furthermore, the scale of public measurements for the conservation of the Wadi by preventing illegal land encroachments as well as for the protection of the surrounding population and buildings in the event of flooding needed to be put in a balanced planning framework. The urban design concept aimed at restoring the ‘traditional' pattern of land uses along Wadi Hanifah. The restored Wadi Hanifah with its lush green farms bordering a traditional urban area is the most common image of such areas for local residents. The name ‘Riyadh' after all translates into ‘gardens'. By introducing more openings and views towards the natural Wadi landscape the Siah area will be upgraded and made more accessible from the surrounding city neighborhoods. As a final step, typical road designs have been developed for the public right of way focussing on a quality pedestrian realm. The methodology applied for the Siah LASP is to become a blueprint to be followed by other Wadi projects dealing with similar conditions.

Proposed Road Layout Plan


ADA Arriyadh Development Authority

Planning area:

189 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Open Space | Residential Development | Tourism