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Master Plan 6th October City Oasis, Cairo, Egypt, 2015

AS&P, together with Ernst & Young and Dorsch Gruppe, was commissioned by Palm Hills Development to produce a conceptual test design of a 4,300 ha area in the south-west of 6th of October City in the Greater Cairo Region. The aim was to create a market ready urban development with a focus on mainly residential areas for a wide range of different lifestyle and income groups. An interdisciplinary work approach was chosen in order to determine all relevant development parametres. This included land use components and program mix, special attractions (golf, outlet mall, cultural venues, urban farming, etc.), land use sizes and character of the built environment, expected population and jobs, among others. Sustainable infrastructure and water recycling networks as well as market absorption rates for the various land use components and resulting phasing were also analysed. The size and amount of the waterbodies will be subject to more in-depth analysis in the subsequent phases. As a result a conceptual master plan and land use plan were designed showing the principal road layout, landscaping concept and built-up areas. A parkway boulevard is introduced where the more exclusive communities are nestled inside the large green park areas. It is a tribute and reinterpretation of typical Egyptian settlements, in line with the overall vision to build a contemporary oasis for up to 300,000 new inhabitants.

bird's eye view looking east


Palm Hills Development Company

Planning area:

4,300 ha


Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Open Space | Sport