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Master plan Offenbach 2030, 2015

The City of Offenbach/Main with its 120,000-odd inhabitants is undergoing a fundamental transformation from industrial town to a city driven by the service sector. As regards its budget Offenbach is committed to implementing consolidation measures. These will include spending cuts, but also on raising revenue from income tax and trade tax. Given the sheer scale of the undertaking, the task was to formulate a master plan focusing on the areas of housing and business. AS&P designed a long-term development concept that integrates the key fields of urban planning (environment, quality of life, social integration, transport etc.) and presents clear ideas for advancing the City of Offenbach and promoting it as a residential area and business location. Starting with the city's specific potential (location in a metropolitan region, compact size, international population) in a process involving the local population and representatives of the urban society both goals and implementation concepts were examined. Subsequently, AS&P presented an overall urban development strategy, the structural master plan and designs for key areas. Based on the approach "compact, creative, vibrant" an over-arching strategy summarizes a broad array of proposals for enhancing the quality of life in Offenbach.

Master plan Offenbach/ Main 2030


Stadt Offenbach


Commercial / Industrial | Residential Development