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Dammam-2 and Riyadh-2 Industrial City Business Parks, Saudi Arabia, 2014 - 2015

MODON, the Saudi Industrial Property Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently developing and operating about two dozen industrial cities within the Kingdom and aims to develop several new industrial cities in order to contribute in the further development of the industrial capacity of the Saudi society. After many decades in operation, MODON has identified the need for increasing the overall attractiveness of the existing industrial cities by creating distinct identities for them as well as enhance their services for tenants and visitors alike. Therefore AS&P had been commissioned by MODON to create master plans defining the qualities of new administrative hearts of the industrial cities Riyadh-2 and Dammam-2. The business parks were intended to become the focal point for governmental and private activities. An interdisciplinary consultant team led by AS&P elaborated detailed plans for the urban design, landscape architecture, transportation planning, utility design and architectural look of the business parks. A market study was conducted at the beginning of the project to assure the economic feasibility and to create a development program as valid starting point for all planning considerations. Apart from the design works AS&P served as a single-point of contact to facilitate coordination between all professional disciplines.

Bird's eye view Business Park Riyadh-2


MODON Saudi Industrial Property Authority

Planning area:

33 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Open Space