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"Prospect of Spatial Development in Limmat Valley" ideas competition, Zurich, Switzerland, 2013

For the international "Prospects for Regional Development in Limmat Valley" ideas competition, AS&P developed an interdisciplinary planning concept up to the year 2050 for one of Switzerland's most densely populated and dynamic areas. The concept envisages giving a clear rhythm to the strand-like settlement structure in the valley: It is intended to create a differentiated spatial structure with urban hubs by means of concentration, mixed usage, and networked infrastructures. Not the grand gesture, but rather the sum total of the individual parts will result in a clearly improved form of settlement with no greater interventions. The main priority will be to ensure and strengthen the transport infrastructure in the valley, which is of both national and regional importance. A balanced distribution of facilities and tasks throughout the valley will counter congestion both on the railroad and at the two stops Zürich main station and Baden. The valley has the prerequisites for the logical development of a unique urban chain of communities that cooperate with one another in a constructive, competitive way.

Overall concept for »Prospects for Regional development in Limmat Valley«


ETH Zürich, IRL - Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung

Planning area:

9,000 ha


Mixed-Use | Open Space