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Review of the Master Plan for Abuja, Nigeria, 2006 - 2008

The Central Area of Abuja is the heart of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It contains the main government and municipal facilities, primary cultural and religious facilities, the city's central business district and the embassies and offices of the foreign diplomatic community. The goal of this review of the original Master Plan which reaches back up to 30 years was to identify the factors that are constraining development according to plan. Land use, urban design and infrastructure have been adopted as to facilitate further successful development. This work contained the review of the land use plans and the development controls; a concept for the vitalisation of the central roads (boulevards concept); test layouts for relevant development zones (e.g. railway station, parks, the capital mall, central square, high rise zones); traffic and access concepts for the entire area. The close coordination between planners and engineers of various disciplines and numerous departments of the Federal Capital Development Authority of Abuja achieved a concept that meets best the contemporary expectations for the future development of Abuja.

Visualization areal view of the boulevard


Federal Capital Development Authority Abuja

Planning area:

930 ha


Mixed-Use | Office / Administration