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Master Plan 23th of July Lake, Bengasi, Libya, 2008 - 2009

The Libyan Investment and Development Co. (LIDCO) seeks to develop a 24 ha inner city site just south of the 23rd of July Lake in Benghazi, Libya. The broad objective of the proposed master plan was not only to spatially structure and plan the lots, but also to define the basic development program in terms of land-use and volumes beforehand. The latter was closely coordinated with the work already done in the context of the Sports City Master Plan and local market knowledge. A ‘Lakeside Plaza' vision was formulated, aiming at creating a new commercial hub for Benghazi.

Visualization of the "Lakeside Plaza" in Benghazi city


Libyan Investment and Development Co. / Masterplan Libya

Planning area:

24 ha


Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Open Space