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Porte de Hollerich, Luxembourg, 2004

The city of Luxembourg sought to find long-term development concepts for the Hollerich district by holding an international urban design idea competition. An innovative urban fabric and architectural pattern, as well as a modern circulation concept, were to be devised for this western sector of the city. The image of the city of Luxembourg is characterized by the unique cityscape of commanding plateaus cut through by the landmark swoop of the verdant »Valeé de la Pétrusse«. This expansive urban open space, which today ends abruptly and without noteworthy design in the west of the city, shall be extended and will receive a fittingly designed entrance in form of the »Porte de Hollerich« at the junction of the Hollerich, Merl and Cessange quarters. The landmark development of the Hollerich area will restore to the quarter its distinct identity. High quality urban spaces will be developed for residents and workers. Besides offices, apartments, cultural and recreational facilities, a key development impulse will be set by the planning for the new »Gare Peripherique«. The new transportation junction will connect Luxembourg to the European high-speed rail network and will also serve an extended regional rail system. In total, the planning area has the potential to accommodate more than one million square meters of floor area. By building higher densities around the future peripheral train station, an urban, park-like center will be created.



Stadt Luxemburg

Planning area:

500 ha


Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Transport Facilities


1st prize international