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Living & Working in "Wasserwerkswäldchen", Kriftel, 2005 - 2010

AS&P - Albert Speer und Partner GmbH was commissioned by the community of Kriftel to compile an urban planning framework for an approx. 13-hectare area between the suburban railroad (S- Bahn) station and the highway and adjoining the recently developed woodland area. The proposal tabled to meet the overall target of "Living and working in Wasserwerkswäldchen" is to create a clearly balanced district by expanding the existing commercial park, and condensing residential properties round the railway station, and creating a networked grid of green areas and unbuilt spaces. They examined a development with a higher residential proportion as well as the option of a larger commercial section. Three different planning concepts were drawn up and the attendant key development figures defined. The framework emerged from these different test plans, and is based on the version with a greater proportion of commercial space. In addition to the use-related designation of land the framework also embraces proposals for dividing up sections with a view to gradual development and advice on how to proceed further. Relevant expert planners(landscaping, noise protection) and the community of Kriftel were involved in the drafting of the framework plan.

Structural plan Mönchhof


Gemeinde Kriftel

Planning area:

13 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Residential Development