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Urban Frame Work Plan for Doha, Qatar, 2005

The capital Doha - situated directly at the Persian Gulf on the eastern border of the peninsula of the state Qatar - is one the fastest growing cities of the world. To study future expansion prospects of the city the Urban Planning & Development Authority of the city has selected and invited seven international offices to a competition called "Greater Doha Master Plan - Area One" in the summer 2005. Like all modern coastal cities of the world Doha is dominated by the magic of the water and gradually starts to explore possibilities to open up the urban structure to the sea. The image of the concentric radiating pattern of the classical Arabesque, an ornamentic which has its origin in the Islamic art, is the basic idea for the future urban concept and development. Starting from the Corniche, a circular bay in the heart of the city, the astral formation will expand into the urban city fabric. Astral desert streams will generate fresh air corridors and define the image of the city in the desert. The spacious Morning Star Canal will provide the inner city ring with the beneficial water. The outer plots of the arabesque will form a technology belt comprising commercial and industrial areas as well as future research facilities. Through extensive afforestation a parklike surrounding will enclose and subdivide this for the future of Doha significant area.

Visualization aerial view


Urban Planning & Development Authority


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