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Urban Development Concept for the University of Chemnitz, 2009 - 2010

Plans to locate a main library for Chemnitz Technical University in city center, which are due to become a reality in the near future, signal the start of and formed the key component in the strengthening the University's original location. In line with the plans, the University expects this reorganization to lead to an approximated 60% increase in students and employees making use of the city-center location. The proposal foresees incorporating empty buildings to create a successive development of clusters relating to both space and use that will form a network of buildings, which correspond spatially and visually and simultaneously provide stimulus for their surroundings. The objective: To interweave urban and university use within the urban fabric and organize the resulting synergistic effects with sustainable effect, in order to make use of them as part of a strategically structured urban development. A concept has been developed in a joint effort between the town of Chemnitz, the Technical University and those responsible for modernizing the adjoining district that, thanks to a full-scale reorganization of the city-center campus defined by its diversified use, not only reincorporates it into the urban structure but primarily transforms it into a place for both living and learning at the heart of the city.

artistics impression of city-center campus


Stadt Chemnitz, Grundstücks- und Gebäudewirtschafts- Gesellschaft mbH

Planning area:

53 ha


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