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Viable future residential Hub, Mannheim, 2009 - 2010

The City of Mannheim, Germany, seeks by commissioning the study to enhance the appeal of the city for sections of the population interested in quality living, ensuring their long-term loyalty to the location. The study is thus to be seen in the context of the City of Mannheim's "Wohn.Raum.Stadt" action plan to develop its apartment market. The intention is to use the study to sharpen the thrust of the existing marketing strategy for Mannheim as a residential city with regards to specific projects. The AS&P report as submitted identifies the relevant target groups and analyzes the potential and suitability of selected small-sized development sites within the city. The report commissioned by the City of Mannheim and GBG-Mannheimer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH outlines strategic recommendations for Mannheim's future positioning as an appealing place to live - for families, career-oriented knowledge workers, and people living in the suburbs and wanting to return to the city. The report is designed to support the city's overarching development objectives, in particular its drive to "strengthen urban flair" and its "talent strategy". AS&P analyzed 11 sub-sections of the area and provided trial proposals for five selected sites. One result of the study is that the design of such relatively small plots would itself have a strong impact on the reputation of Mannheim as a place to live.

Trial proposal for urban design: Hammond Barracks


Stadt Mannheim


Residential Development