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Green belt impulse exploratory phase, Cologne, 2009

Fully conscious of the responsibility arising from the magnificent historic legacy of the outer green belt, the Kölner Grünstiftung (Cologne Green Foundation) has determined to work for both its preservation and advancement. With the purpose of sounding out and presenting the area's special qualities, the foundation commissioned an exploratory examination as a first step towards creating a general concept for future developments. Headed by Prof. Aufmkolk (WGF Landschaft, Nuremberg) an analysis was conducted for the area on both sides of the River Rhine and their inward and outward adjoining areas. In roughly 20 theme plans and eight research papers the requirement becomes clear: to secure and continue this cultural asset. A plan of the defined subspaces to be examined in greater detail and a proposal for the project's structure and the participation process also formed part of this initial phase. In approving these findings in September 2009 the board of trustees of the Kölner Grünstiftung resolved to pursue the project. This constitutes the foundation for the following concept phase "Green Belt Impulse 2012".



Planning area:

2,800 ha


Open Space