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Mobility Management System Niederrad, Frankfurt am Main, 2005 - 2006

During the 2006 World Cup, approximately 50,000 spectators are expected at the Commerzbank Arena on each of the five game days. In order to ensure smooth spectator flows to and from the stadium, AS&P developed traffic management strategies to be employed by Frankfurt's Integrated Main Traffic Control Center (IGLZ). The strategies encompass methods towards conveying information to the spectators, internal communications between all participants and the implementation of dynamic routing panels and traffic signals. The planning basis was initially provided by elaborating traffic routing and capacity management concepts for the public parking lots in the vicinity of the stadium. To ensure that spectators reach the stadium safely, AS&P is planning a pedestrian routing signage system between the lots and the public transit stops and the stadium. As traffic management takes place on a spatial as well as institutional level, close cooperation between the City of Frankfurt am Main, the Traffic Control Center of Hesse (VZH), the parking lot operator and the police is required. In particular, the synchronization between the new dynamic guidance panel systems operated by the City of Frankfurt and those of the State of Hesse is to be improved. To improve the traffic situation at the parking lots an optimal feeder system is being planned and recommendations for the control and processing at the lots is being provided.

Pedestrian signage locations


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