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VMSaar - Master Plan for Integrated Mobility and Traffic Management Saarland, Saarbrücken, 2007

The goal of the VMSaar Master Plan is to develop through the networking and coordination of individual activities a comprehensive system that generates a district added value for the entire traffic system of Saarland State. The first step toward this goal comprised the analysis of the existing situation, the development of a guiding vision, definition of a scope of activities and three workshops in which all planning partners were involved. The analysis of the existing situation contained an assumption of the status quo of the traffic-relevant systems; the determination of existing problems; and the registration of the requirements placed on an integrated traffic management system by each of the partners. For the analysis numerous meetings were held with experts in various institutions in Saarland State. The guiding vision of the VMSaar established strategic reorientation targets for inter-modal traffic management. In addition to a tiered target system, strategies towards achieving the targets were formulated as guidelines for the actions of an integrated traffic management system. A scope of activities was then defined based on the guiding vision of VMSaar and the analysis of the existing situation. It was comprised of the topics, fields of activities, organizational structure and framework.

VM Saar project focal points


VGS – Verkehrsmanagement-Gesellschaft Saar mbH