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Long Distance Corridor Pilot Development and Evaluation, 2005 - 2008

Under general management by the state of Hessen, nine German states and Austria have decided to implement a traffic network control system on three north-south motorway corridors throughout the federal territory. The network control strategies were developed in close cooperation among the states. This will hereby make the coordinated and inter-regional rerouting of traffic possible in the case of a traffic incident. In addition, an internet-based application was developed which supports coordinated strategy management among various traffic control centers within the scope of the network control system. Pilot phases for testing the \"coordinated application of traffic management strategies\" were initiated in 2006/2007. AS&P fundamentally supported the authorities in defining detours, strategies and criteria triggering incidents. The focal point of AS&P\'s work was, however, the evaluation of the pilot phase. This encompassed, on the one hand, determining a quantitative use of the network control strategies according to EWS recommendations which were based on economic efficiency studies of roads. On the other hand, AS&P collected and assessed the operational/organizational aspects based on interviews and questionnaires. The results of the evaluation lead to proposals for the technical and organizational optimization of the coordinated network control.

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