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Designation of concentration zones for wind farms in the preparatory land use plan, Biedenkopf & Bad Laasphe, 2011 - 2013

Given the significance of wind turbines for an area and their impact on matters of public interest, decisions as to where to locate them require great circumspection in the planning. The public follows decisions relating to wind turbines with particular interest, as frequently these directly affect the lives of the local population. Residents' interests (emission protection) and nature and countryside issues are often the focal point of discussion. On behalf of the towns of Biedenkopf (Hesse) and Bad Laasphe (North Rhine-Westphalia), AS&P completed location studies covering the entire municipal area, in which, taking aspects of environmental, emission, and building law into consideration, suitable areas for the location of wind turbines were defined. The study gave the municipalities an opportunity, through its legal site planning, to control the positioning of the outside wind turbines and channel them in the concentration zones that are to be defined. Among other things this was implemented in the revision of the preparatory land use plan for the town of Biedenkopf. The designation of concentration zones in the preparatory land use plan goes hand in hand with the remaining municipal area not being available for wind farms that are of significance for the region. AS&P also advises towns and communities on issues relating to the use of renewable energies and the assertion of municipal points of view in plans drawn up by third parties.

Settlements according to the preparatory land use plan


Magistrat der Stadt Biedenkopf, Stadt Bad Laasphe


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