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New Football Stadium - Allianz Arena Munich, 2001 - 2005

After the fundamental decision was made not to enlarge the existing Olympic Stadium in Munich AS&P was employed to find an alternate, sustainable location for a new soccer stadium in the Bavarian capital. After undertaking an initial »critical site assessment« AS&P evaluated twenty-three potential sites in regard to their locations and potentials for achieving legal planning ratification. Of these the site in »Fröttmaning«, was chosen by Munich, the state capital. AS&P then drew up a functional design for the stadium, which fulfilled the FIFA regulations as well as the owner's desires. The design was used as the basis for depicting the functional interrelationships on the site and to derive the space allocation plan for the negotiation process in accordance with the VOB/A. AS&P subsequently organized and managed the Europe-wide design competition in which eight bidding groups participated. Each group consisted of a construction firm, an architectural firm and various professional offices. During the construction phase, AS&P was employed as the schedule supervisor and coordinator and was responsible for organizing the various project parts (stadium, private vehicle access, subway line, etc.) and keeping works on schedule.

Allianz Arena Munich, night view


FC Bayern München/TSV 1860 München, Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH, Landeshauptstadt München