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Exhibition Hall No. 11 and Western Entrance, Frankfurt Trade Fair, 2005 - 2006

The construction of the new exhibition hall number 11 and the west entrance is the first step of the long-term restructuring and expansion project for the Frankfurt Fairgrounds. According to AS&P's "Masterplan Messe Frankfurt", a functional, urban planned, transportation-friendly development concept was created. The fundamental planning parameters for the overall structural ensemble were created in collaboration with Frankfurt Fairground representatives in an intensive five month acclamation process. They were then exemplarily implemented on the basis of a functional test design with functionality schemata, floor plans and cross-sections. In December of 2005, their test design results earned AS&P an award for bidder proceedings from the Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH & Co. KG. AS&P, along with the design competition management and the accompanying technical council from the competition's awarding authority were hired. Their tasks included the preparation, coordination and implementation of the bidder proceedings as well as the upstream pre-qualification. A total of nine bidding associations from the architecture offices and assembly businesses participated in the proceedings. After the revision phase the office of Hascher Jehle Architecture (with assembly group Gross/Wolff + Müller/Gustav Epple) was the award recipient.

Development area hall 11


Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH & Co. KG


75,000 m²