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BRITA-Arena, Wiesbaden, 2007

At the end of the 2006/2007 season the SV Wehen (Sports Club Wehen) entered the 2nd National Football League and in the future the club will host its home games in the capital city of the state Hesse. A new arena will be built in the Wiesbaden city area that, when completed in 2009, will offer space for 15,000 spectators with the option for a total of 35,000. AS&P was assigned by the state capital to find an appropriate site and undertake the required critical review process. Since the German Football League license regulations stipulate that the Sports Club Wehen must already provide the necessary stadium infrastructure at the beginning of the 2007/2008 season AS&P was also given the task of designing an interim solution by upgrading an existing sports facility in the Berliner Strasse in Wiesbaden. To take all concerns and affected parties into proper consideration AS&P developed a master plan as the basis for the interim upgrade measures. Special attention was placed on the aspect of sustainability in the proposed planning and construction solutions since it was to be ensured that the use of the adjoining track and field facilities by local sports clubs and schools was not to be impaired either during or after interim occupation as the team's home stadium. In keeping with the AS&P design solution the so-called "BRITA Arena" is currently under construction in the northern section of the "Berliner Strasse" sports facilities. It is scheduled for completion in September 2007 and will provide space for 13,500 spectators. In its ancillary structure it will provide VIP areas, private booths and so-called "business seats" as well as the standart catering and convenience amenities according to the regulations of the Deutsche Fussball Liga GmbH (DFL) - German Football League.

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