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Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 Leipzig, 2001 - 2004

In April 2001, the city of Leipzig commissioned AS&P to study the prerequisites for hosting the Olympic games 2012 in the greater Saxon area, to develop a model for the realization of the Olympic idea as well as to analyze the economic chances and risks. Within the framework of this study, locations were defined for Olympic stadiums, central Olympic facilities, the Olympic village and a media-center. The emphasis was on integrating new buildings into the existing city-structure. All existing sport-facilities were analyzed and an overall concept for the Olympic match- and training-facilities submitted. Another objective was to develop a sustainable concept for traffic- and transportation-logistics. Following the initial intention of an integrative approach, a model was favoured that utilizes existing roads as well as urban and regional traffic arteries projected to be built until 2012.

Feasibility study Sport Center Riesa


Stadt Leipzig