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Planning of the park at the new MHK European headquarters in Dreieich, Dreieich, 2015 - 2017

The new MHK Group European headquarters are under construction on Frankfurter Strasse on the northern outskirts of Sprendlingen, part of Dreieich. Marking the first structure in the development, the main building in the west of the site will have an open entrance zone in front of it structured by hedges and row of plants. To the east of the main building an adjoining spacious park extends across the entire plot. A geometric strip running through the center of the park features an artificial pond in which the main building is reflected, and an event venue - the Dreieich Forum. A grove of trees in the middle of the strip serves as a link between the various parts of the park, and has a very pleasant ambiance. The overall tone is defined by the interplay between open lawns and introverted park areas. The recreation areas afford repeated views of the buildings through the various open spaces. Brightly flowering plants beneath a thin canopy of foliage alternate with extensive planted retention areas. Groups of trees, promenades and dense thickets at different heights form the green framework. A greened parking deck marks the end of the park to the east.

site plan



Planning area:

4 ha


Office / Administration | Open Space