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Outside facilities HOLM - House of Logistics & Mobility, Frankfurt am Main, 2012 - 2014

A clear corporate identity whose distinctive style is reflected in all aspects of its design is an important prerequisite for creating a striking address with high recognition value in our globalized world. Accordingly, here the public space concept directly references the approach used for the architecture itself. The idiosyncratic basic structure that distinguishes the main part of the building is projected onto its roof area. The sloping blue lines of the tiles against the red substrate on it’s the roof are visible from afar. In the inner courtyard, different ribbons of vegetation structured by strips of paving continue the design concept of the planking. Islands of repose covered by trees have been inserted into this carpet of vegetation. The open space adjoining the building is a special kind of "urban space". With its location in the Quartier Verde in the direct vicinity of the central park, we do not believe that pure stone is the right concept. Instead, the objective was to visualize the idea of a gradual progression. The stone areas next to the building and the vectors slowly dissolve, giving way to expanses of open lawn around the scattering of trees and the adjacent park. The hexagon of the HOLM logo is picked up in the design of the open space. The result is a honeycomb structure made up of large-format concrete slabs. The stone areas are accentuated by means of brightly colored grouting which slowly gives way to strips of grass that become wider until eventually the slabs are lying individually in the grass. Tubs of plants and sections of grasses structure this outdoor area, separating the relaxing area from the walking sections. Floor spots illuminate the treetops, the paths are lit by lighting stele. This makes for an open space with a special atmosphere. A space without continuous building edges, one that is defined by its own particular design, linking the building with its surroundings.

forecourt Holm


House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) GmbH / Lang & Cie. Real Estate AG


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