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Open Space Planning Brühl Boulevard Chemnitz, 2011

The City of Chemnitz has been promoting the redevelopment of the area around Brühl Boulevard since 1999. Despite the advantages afforded by the proximity to downtown, the station, and local recreational facilities, there are still considerable real estate vacancy levels and a large refurbishment backlog. As such, above and beyond the improvement measures already implemented in the past few years, there was an urgent need for action to be taken to reactivate the quarter. The 2011 planning study was conducted in the form of a participation process, in order to deliver a spectrum of proposals that were as capable as possible of being implemented. It was based on the 2010 "Urban Development Concept for the Inner-city Campus of the Technical University of Chemnitz (AS&P and C&E). The aim of the study was to define a robust development concept that would offer leeway for a gradual approach and, following initial attractive results, act as an impetus with regard to rejuvenating the public domain and continuing the construction work step by step. Given its role as the powerhouse of the entire development, what is known as the Brühl Boulevard, is as the heart and functional backbone of the quarter accorded special importance as a central area of open space. Remodeling it should be conducted carefully and with its future significance and function in mind. In the development of high-quality open spaces, the areas on the interior of blocks of buildings are to be developed on account of their individual features. To this end conceptual recommendations for action leading for an optimized open space structure.

visualization concept approach


Stadt Chemnitz

Planning area:

10 ha