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Public Streetscape Design of the Central Boulevard Area, Abuja, Nigeria, 2008 - 2009

According to the master plan design goals, reviewed by AS&P in 2008, the boulevards in the central area shall promote vibrant urban activity and reflect the character of a modern city centre. The boulevards will be the main pedestrian zones with broad sidewalks and adjoining colonnades. An outstanding pavement pattern, deduced from Nigeria culture, and well-chosen street furniture shall emphasize the representative appearance of the boulevard sidewalks. Well trained and uniform street trees will provide shade and contribute to the image of the boulevards until all buildings have been completed. Based on the new design principles in the reviewed Master Plan the sidewalk has been structured into differentiated zones according to their use: main pedestrian zone and bike lane as moving zones, colonnades and street interface as staying and rest areas with shade and seating. The concept for the sidewalk pavement is to create a clear basic layout with a special characterizing pattern to create a spaciuos and clear surface. A regular grid, referring to the location of sidewalk lights and trees, is the defining layout feature. The pedestrian lane is accentuated by a band of characteristic, two coloured geometric patterns. The layout reinterprets elementary patterns of african art and arts and crafts in a modern way to get an unique and contemporary design.

view on the boulevard


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