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Urban Beautification Design, Doha, Qatar, 2010 - 2011

Qatar is undergoing a major urban renaissance including the development of its infrastructure. Q.Mobility manages an Urban Development & Beautification Scheme with a pilot project comprising of four streets in the Al Mirqab Area in Doha. AS&P won a design competition aiming at enhancing the (pedestrian) amenity quality of these local district streets as well as their general urban and architectural visual quality. The proposed concept achieves this by developing pedestrian and cyclist movement, reducing visual pollution, improving traffic flow and parking, and making the street environment more conducive to pedestrian and cyclist traffic by reducing ambient temperatures. The design compliments the character of Doha and its Qatari heritage, with aesthetically pleasing appropriate furniture and features, and homogenous urban road side street scenes and landmarks.

neighbourhood street




Open Space | Transport Facilities


1st prize international competition