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Open space planning for the "Mitte Altona" competition, Hamburg, 2010

The relocation of the railroad station in the Altona district of Hamburg and the freeing up of additional adjoining land provides new urban development opportunities there. An urban and landscape planning competition was held to give the future facilities a spatial structure and develop urban and landscape planning ideas for the future design of the new quarter. The entry submitted by AS&P won third prize. The design concept envisages adopting the gesture of the railroad's spatial guidelines by means of linear developments and melding these in layers with the existing urban structure of Altona. This way a framework of building plots surrounds a spacious area of greenery in the middle. Wherever possible the surrounding urban area can benefit from the new park, with its extensive, characteristic wings.



Stadt Hamburg

Planning area:

30 ha


Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Open Space | Residential Development