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Urban Framework Plan "Handwerkerviertel", 2009 - 2010

The city plans to initiate a master planning process for the urban renewal of the Craftsmen Quarter, therefore making it necessary to evaluate principle options for development in order to gua- rantee a sustainable redevelopment process. The findings will build the foundation for a long-term development strategy. The key role for a successful concept will be the definition and design of the public realm of the neighborhood. At the moment the Craftsmen Quarter lacks these critical spatial and landscape qualities, contributing to its current demise. The development concept aims to create new potentials out of the existing urban layout: the central axis of the Quarter will be transformed into a Main Street with a pedestrian-friendly envi- ronment. This is achieved by introducing a triple line of trees to frame the street dimensions in a human scale. Furthermore urban entrées leading with a blooming tree roofs into the Quarter and pocket squares together with new storefront developments will enhance the urban experience for residents and visitors alike. A central square will be situated at the city campus plaza of the Ostfalia Technical College. The square with its green islands and benches will become the new focal point of the Craftsmen Quarter.

future perspective Handwerkerviertel


Stadt Wolfsburg