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Business Park Zagreb, Croatia, 2009

Located between the airport and downtown, the zone covered by the competition will in future assume the role of gateway to the city. The intelligent, gradual development of as many prime addresses as possible will be decisive in its success. While the onset of construction in the form of two towers will be a landmark it will be impossible to miss, the rest of the site must also assert itself though a particularly favorable location and a striking appearance. This criterion is the basis of this urban development plan. A special park will be the centerpiece of the development and set the project part from competing sites in Zagreb. The business boulevard serves as an approach road and an address, and links the individual commercial areas with each other. Diamond Park itself will be defined by shaped modulations of earth, which use up part of the excavated soil. A series of expanses of water, which also serve as rainwater containers, alternates with open, multi-functional areas of lawn and structures the protected inner section of the park. A modeled “theatron” and its counterpart, a restaurant at a higher level, mark the end of the park, and together with the small plazas at the entrances offer visitors and employees opportunities for whiling away the time. The entire quarter framed by a belt of trees where the parking spaces are located.

visualization Business Promenade


Immokor Buzin d.o.o.

Planning area:

12 ha