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Sport Development Planning, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2010

The aim of the Sports Development Plan for Abu Dhabi was to make sport an integral part of everyday life. Based on the analysis of reference projects and best practice examples, a concept was devised for providing sports and leisure time facilities. For three types of urban development (town houses, multi-storey residences and mixed areas) the master plan details how opportunities for sport are configured and distributed, and how they are integrated in the leisure-time facilities. On the basis of the investigations, standards and guidelines were drawn up for advanced planning. The "urban villas prototype" below is an example of how sports facilities could be integrated in a district park with play areas. Acting as a link between sport and a recreational park, the various facili- ties are configured around a main plaza, providing all age groups with a wide range of opportunities for sport and play directly in a residential environment. The playgrounds are located at main intersections and can be reached with ease. Furthermore the play areas have individual themes (e.g., water features, trees for clim- bing, learning fields), promoting a wide range of physical activities.

villa development, pioneering project


Abu Dhabi Sports Council / Abold Büro für Marketingkommunikation GmbH


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