Jiangbei Town, Chongqing, P.R. China, 1998 - 2002

In the course of a world wide tendering process, AS&P, in competition with five other architectural and planning offices, was selected to participate in an architectural city planning competition commissioned by the Chongqing Construction Commission of the People‘s Republic of China. The competition assignment comprised the planning of a new city district including government, cultural, scientific and administrative institutions for the provincial capital Chongqing. The competition was a significant step in the development of the industrial metropolis on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River since Chongqing is on its way to become the largest city on earth with an area of 82,000 square kilometers and a population of 30 million. The competition entry of AS&P was modeled after Agenda 21 characteristics and was awarded 1st prize.


Chongqing Construction Commission

Planning area:

300 ha


Culture / Education | Office / Administration | Residential Development


1st prize