Anting New Town, International Automobile City, P.R. China, 2000 - 2004

The town of Anting is located about 35 km north-west of downtown Shanghai. Following the opening of the Chinese market in 1984, Volkswagen was the first foreign corporation, which built an assembly plant here, as a joint venture with the SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation). The city is now considered the cradle of the Chinese automobile industry and is to become the focal point of China\'s automobile industry, accommodating all national and international car manufacturers and associated industries. After winning the international design competition AS&P was assigned the task of developing the master plan for Anting as well as the urban design for the Automobile City. In the future facilities associated with the automobile industry, such as production, display, trade, commercial, training, management, recreation and research and development will be located on the 520 ha site. These facilities will be supplemented by office complexes, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, museums, recreation and amusement facilities and a residential town for a population of 50,000. Included in the sports and recreation facilities are an entire stadium complex, a golf course, a Formula 1 racetrack and an amusement park.


Shanghai Urban Planning and Admin. Bureau

Planning area:

520 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration


1st prize