Urban extension Nanchang AVIC Hongdu, P.R. China, 2011

The city of Nanchang is one of China's rapidly developing "middle-sized cities" and, as the capital of Jiangxi Province with five million inhabitants, is of national importance. The pilot training and aviation research center "Hongdu", which used to be on the outskirts and had its own runway, has now been engulfed by the growing city. For this reason it is being abandoned and will in future assume valuable, concentrated, inner-city functions. As such the project represents a topic that is becoming increasingly important in Chinese cities, the conversion of inner-city industrial sites. The approx. 2.95 sqkm site, which will be accessed by two underground lines, will boast a mix of administration, commerce, culture/entertainment and living space covering a total gross surface area of 4.53 million square meters with a floor area/ site occupancy ratio of approx.1.5. The previous function as an airport and aviation center remains clearly visible in the urban development structure through the lengthy strip of land that was formally the runway, and which runs diagonal to the road grid; in addition, exhibitions and the renovation of listed buildings and streets makes the history of the place an integral part of the cultural and entertainment features. Furthermore, open spaces such as stretches of greenery and waterways are being restored to their original state and turned into a highly attractive network of open spaces.


Jiangxi AVIC International Hongdu Investment Co., Ltd.

Planning area:

295 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Residential Development


1st price in an international urban design competition