Urban Expansion Hanzhong Garden City, P.R. China, 2011

With a surface area of 27,246 sqkm and over four million inhabitants, Hanzhong is already an important agricultural and commercial centre in the northwest Chinese province of Shaanxi. The planned high-speed train station represents a significant impulse in the development of the city. Against this backdrop an international urban development competition was held for a 25 sqkm. urban expansion scheme for approx. 500,000 inhabitants in connection with the new station. In late December 2011 the jury decided in favour of the entry submitted by AS&P. The entry primarily envisages housing, with the entire requisite infrastructure, administrative, cultural and supply facilities, as well as significant areas for education, research and development, exhibitions and trade fairs, recreation, sport and culture, as well as services connected with the station. In addition, a large theme park is intended to present the rich tradition and historical significance of the city. Entitled "Garden City" the AS&P design takes up the structuring of the land by the river and divides the area into three "districts": covering 7.5 sqkm, the middle district extends from the station to the theme park and boasts housing, leisure time and tourism facilities, as well as exhibition and trade fair grounds. The two new residential districts on either side, each with a clearly discernible centre of its own, are linked to that in the middle by a "landscape boulevard".


Hanzhong Culture & Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Planning area:

2,500 ha


Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Residential Development


1st price in an international urban development competition