Office building on the adidas corporate campus, Herzogenaurach, 2014

On a gross surface area spanning 44,543 square meters, the "Southeast" building on the "World of Sports" adidas campus in Herzogenaurach brings together state-of-the-art office workstations and highly flexible zones destined for design and development departments. The balancing act that involved fulfilling the highly specific requirements of these development areas while creating a building that was sustainable, and in particular capable of being adapted to future changes, was the particular challenge to the architecture competition, which 30 international firms entered and in which AS&P gained a Commendation. The AS&P design concentrates on the one hand on exploiting the benefit of the central location, with the building very much opening out and incorporating, as it were, the green of the Campus and the surrounding countryside in its interior. This way it corresponds with the other buildings on the Campus and is integrated in the overall complex. On the other, the design aims to create a cutting-edge, exciting working environment, which also satisfies the developers' requirements in terms of efficiency and sustainability. The conical cut of the six building wings enables exciting and varied spaces that are nonetheless flexible and efficient. The building's structure is such that the interior is bathed in light and from almost everywhere there are views of the open countryside and the Campus. The central area brings the six wings together. It promotes informal conversation and communication between all those working in the building, and at the same time serves as the entrance. Through the sculptural warping the façade reflects the momentum and creative unrest on the inside of the building. By emphasizing the horizontals, however, it underscores how the structure reaches out to its surroundings.


adidas AG


44,543 m²


Office / Administration