Alte Brücke Frankfurt, 2001 - 2002

In 2001, the City of Frankfurt held an architectural competition for the structural design of the new construction of the historic Alte Brücke ("ancient bridge"), in Frankfurt am Main. Together with the engineering office BGS, AS&P developed the concept for the 70m wide river crossing, based on a sequence of double-hinged frames. On the one hand, these frames reduce the crossing to a supportable and tangible segment and on the other, additionally structure the underside of the carriageway to the appropriate dimensions. The bridge is accentuated by ornate lighting by night. Beyond this, the task was to embed the respective bridge heads at the northern and southern ends of the arrangement as well as the access points to the Vogelinsel (located in the middle of the Main river) into a picturesque overall concept. Thus, the original standard of Frankfurt's Alte Brücke, which was partially destroyed during WWII to then be rebuilt in 1950, will be able to be restored.


Stadt Frankfurt am Main


1st prize group