Nicheng Branch of Linggang New Town, P.R. China, 2005

Nicheng of Linggang New Town is to serve as a relief town for Shanghai. It lies south of Shanghai in the Ningbo bay area. From Nicheng the new, largest deep sea port in China is able to be reached via bridge. The AS&P developed concept encompasses a circa 7 sqkm large area with housing space for approximately 120,000 people. An overall gross floor area (GFA) of around 5 million sqm has been planned. This is comprised primarily of residential, office, services, commercial and open space areas, as well as for cultural and industrial uses. The intensified project planning for the city center and a residential area has already been agreed upon by the client. The land use plan is to be ready for approval submission by the end of August 2005.


Shanghai Lingang Nicheng economic development Co., Ltd.

Planning area:

700 ha


Office / Administration | Residential Development | Sport


1st prize