Diamond Island New Urban Quarter, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2006

Located alongside the Saigon River and directly adjoining the new central business district of Ho Chi Minh City, this new urban development will be 45 ha large. The competition site was subdivided into a river site of 37 ha size and an 8 ha large island, the "Diamond Island". Development shall take place in phases. AS&P's plan consists of a comprehensive urban design concept spanning both areas. The two areas are differentiated, however, in terms of building structures and land uses to reflect the individual characters of the two sites. The design principle is based on the development of distinct quarters which offer a wide spectrum of urban and landscape amenities and which have clearly defined centers at their cores. The developer's request for a particularly high building density was carefully accommodated. A linear series of densely arranged buildings is supplemented by four "residential high-rises". Besides these high-end apartment buildings, exclusive villas, town houses, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, recreation facilities, a wellness center and a yacht marina, were planned. The architectural design consists of geometric shapes, materials and colors that create an interesting contrast to the organic landscape of the Saigon River.


BTA Developmant Investments VietnamCo., Ltd.

Planning area:

45 ha


Office / Administration | Residential Development


1st prize