Foshan, Sanshui, P.R. China, 2004 - 2005

Sanshui lies northwest of Hong Kong in the Province Guandong in the Pearl River Delta. The landscape is covered with water streams and shaped by hills and tropical vegetation. The main objective of this competition was to redefine the area that lies along the edge of the metropolitan agglomeration of the province's capital Guanhzou (Kanton). The concept was developed using the principles of sustainable development: settlement concentrations in a variety of densities and uses, strong integration of landscaping and green spaces, reduction of individualized traffic, retention of existing settlement areas, etc. Toward the south-bordering river, a large gesture was made to redefine Sanshui's image as "head of the dragon". By winning this competition against eight international competitors, AS&P gained a foothold in South China, the economically fastest-growing region in the world. The next step of the project's plan was just approved by the client.


WANG TAT Project Management & Consultancy

Planning area:

500 ha


Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Residential Development


1st prize