Gateway Gardens Frankfurt Airport, 2004

In the high mobility environment of the Frankfurt am Main Airport and highway interchange area this new 35 ha airport quarter will become a calling card for the City of Frankfurt. Travelers' impressions upon arriving in this new quarter of the Euro City of Frankfurt shall be governed by three aspects: urban density, organized mobility and spacious parks. The unique expectations placed on the urban design of the western "head" of Gateway Gardens resulted in a composition of visitor magnets, such as the visitor and entertainment center, the congress center and finally the trade center. While the trade, entertainment and visitor centers demand forms highly recognizable from afar, the congress center and its ancillary hotel facilities could be located in less exposed locations. These facilities - 700,000 m² in total - have "predetermined" target groups and thus need not rely on an "ad-hoc" effect. The site is characterized, on the one hand, by high-capacity right-of-ways and one of Europe's key highway interchanges, and on the other, by its clearly tangible island location; it is in the "eye of the storm". The architectural quality and far-reaching visual effect of these elements will significantly determine the vitality and popular acceptance of the quarter. The key to Gateway Garden's success will, however, lie in its high-quality accessibility, especially via the Public Transport System (PTS).


Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH

Planning area:

28 ha


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