Science Oasis Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2004

In the scope of an international design competition AS&P designed a proposal for a Science Center in Riyadh. Its underlying concept was to create a place for playful learning, where the visitor is encouraged to act. The intention is to arouse interest in the visitor in the most important phenomena and developments of the world that becomes more and more complex each day, and, moreover, provoke continuous learning. The innovative and environmental sustainable design places the cultural context to the fore but at the same time satisfies the requirements for a science center of excellence which will both create international appeal and demand recognition. The architecture is in form and function both timeless and of lasting flexibility. The landscaped surroundings will be used to add an additional dimension to the buildings, that reflect the technological advancement of the time yet being a functional and economical shell to the content. The PSSO site is divided into three sections: the palm tree covered Parking Area, Museum and Shopping Mall facing each other, and the Oasis outdoor exhibition gardens. Links to the adjacent Technology Center are evident through its close neighborhood to the adjacent museum as a means of combining and integrating the latest in research into the exhibition spaces leading to an ongoing program of interaction. This will also add real scientific context to the displays. In developing a leading and lasting exhibition concept we need to satisfy not only current but also future generations of visitors.


ADA Arriyadh Development Authority


76,000 m²


Culture / Education | Office / Administration


2nd prize international