Sachsenhausen Streetcar Depot, Frankfurt am Main, 2003

After the VGF (public transit operator) vacated their streetcar depot in Sachsenhausen an urban design competition was held to determine the future use and design of the over one-hundred-year-old, historically listed ensemble, its 8,700 square meter site and its immediate surroundings. The design proposals were to maintain the historic heritage of the site, allocate 50 percent of the site to residential use and integrate various public facilities such as a community center, a youth center, a public library, a market hall and a multipurpose hall. AS&P's design, which came in second, proposed keeping the historically most interesting eastern hall generally unchanged in order to use it as a library or market hall. With the exception of their arched northern facades the two western halls, however, were to be demolished to accommodate residential buildings in their stead. The new building structure was inspired by the former halls and interprets them anew architecturally. On the southern fringe of the depot three new buildings would line the site and be generally of the same height as the neighboring buildings. An open-air passage from north to south, gallery courtyards and garden courts would provide pedestrian links between the various uses. The intriguing dialogue between historic-technical and modern-contemporary architecture - between red brick and fair-faced concrete/glass - poignantly articulated the uniqueness of the new »Textorhöfe« (Textor court yards).


Magistrat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main


14,600 m²


Office / Administration


2nd prize