Hamburg Trade Fairground Expansion, 2002 - 2003

The existing fairground and the area, which is to be newly opened are located near to the inner city and are in the direct vicinity of the traditional Karolinenviertel and the "Planten un Blomen" park. The competition design for the new fairground adopted the concept of an urban marketplace. Instead of constructing individual, free-standing halls on the two sites a coherent, but small-scale structure was developed, which in its shape continues the scale of the city. Places of communication will result that are highly flexible and which simultaneously allow for a maximum of logistical efficiency. The structures enable the composition of highly diverse venue layouts, from an exact depiction of a functional concept, the layout for the Olympics to the use as one single large-scale event. The building structure is modular and can be easily modified or expanded. The basic element consists of a 20 x 20m module. This module is raised on one outer edge by 4m to create a slanted roof. Using this building-block system a large portion of the area shall be roofed. The design necessitates a new ensemble layout within the hall, which, with its high degree of usable space, is well suited for almost all types of events. Unattractive paths between the halls are done away with and visitors move about almost solely in exhibition spaces.


Schweger Associated Architects GmbH


191,000 m²


Culture / Education | Public Buildings


Honorable Mention