National Level Travel Resort of Shiyezhou, P.R. China, 2003

A new bridge crossing the Yangtse River between Zhenjiang and Yanzhou will provide access to the island of Shiyezhou and open it for tourism and recreation. The perspective view illustrates the intricate island waterscape floating amidst the mighty Yangtse River with Runyang Bridge in the background. An international competition called for a development concept for the 24 square-kilometer island area. Water is the underlying theme of the AS&P concept. Working within the laws of nature and ecology, a system of water courses is used to create a new waterscape with meandering canals which drain the island and provide the island's major tourist feature. The basic idea is to use the central east-west canal as the principal structuring element in designing the layout of the island's main functions. The two new major functional areas - the Shiyezhou Ressort and the Shiyezhou Garden Town - are interrelated with the central canal and the lakes used for boating and water taxis. Geomantics and Feng-shui have influenced the position and use of water.


Zhengjiang Urban Planning Bureau

Planning area:

2,400 ha




1st prize