New Railway City Opladen, 2006

The new rail city Oplanden, located centrally on a former railway site in the Leverkusen city district, is to be developed into a multi-faceted and lively city quarter. These areas are to consist of mixed uses, such as residential, office, recreation and gastronomy. The area's design will be developed and defined by its edges. The detailed neighborhoods will contribute to shaping the new outskirts of the city. The existence of an eye-catching inner silhouette, which is predominantly occupied by residential buildings, forms the frame for a high quality development of the mutual center. In the proximity of the two main halls, three central building sites exist. These sites are so-called urban building blocks which are designated as a residential block, a mixed quarter and an industrial campus. The generous open space and park areas surround the individual quarters, structure the entire area and form a mutual space for the city quarter. Traces of the location's history are included in the design. An example is the way the existing railway tracks are incorporated into the design.


Scheuvens + Wachten

Planning area:

72 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Mixed-Use | Residential Development | Transport Facilities


2nd prize