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Residential Development in Frankfurt Riedberg, 2008

"Lebenswert" - living by Riedberg Park Quartier Mitte in the new Frankfurt district Riedberg is to see the construction of some 230 residential units over a gross surface area of around 27,500 square meters. All the houses in the quarter will meet passive house standards. The concept by AS&P envisages creating a clearly defined peripheral block facing the road, while overlooking the park there are plans for a more open structure with individual houses. Great value was placed on homogeneous density in it, permitting sufficient room for attractive private and semi-public spaces. As, in an urban planning context, the optimum energy-efficient alignment of the buildings was not possible for all sections, care was taken to ensure that all individual buildings meet the passive house standard at an acceptable cost. Distance heating is used both for heating and hot water. There are plans for underfloor heating with several control loops per residential unit. This has the advantage of heat being distributed over the unit's entire footprint, enabling lower inlet and return temperatures. A semi-central system comprising ventilation chimneys is proposed. These have the function of a linear heat exchanger and are fitted with a fan. With regard to the structure of the walls for the "Lebenswert" project, a system is to be selected that combines the advantages of a wooden frame construction with those of a classic solid construction. The structure selected, namely laminated timber panels, represents an extremely economical solution, improved ease of planning and assembly, and user comfort.


ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING Wohnungsbau- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH


20,000 m²


Residential Development


2nd prize