AGFA Grounds Munich, 2006 - 2007

The characteristic of the existing classic urban development is coherently and qualitatively sustained through the layout of the design competition area. The AGFA grounds will represent the modern capstone for the city district. Distinctive design components are the structures of both green area concepts. The grounds are optimally connected to Munich's greenery network from the south-western park, on both sides of Weißenseestraße to the green corridor at Hohen Weg up to the Isarauen. A 13.5 meter wide "green" passage relates to these surrounding city public spaces and serves as a connection between the outside and the inside of the city. Within the district, meadows, used as entrance courtyards, arrange themselves along the passage creating a grid of green areas to which buildings are aligned. The new buildings profit from the location and design of the district's periphery. Therewith, residents have access to multiple facets of open space including versatile nature and recreation areas and parks. In addition to the green area structures, two varying land use models determine the urban structure. The north is categorized by parallel forms leading northwest, whereas in the south, winding paths and forms stretch into the northern areas.


Park Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG


90,000 m²

Planning area:

11 ha


Open Space | Residential Development


2nd prize